Hughes got in his car and started the engine.

It's like the author's reading my mind.


She's in love with her best friend.


Will you come to Boston with me?

Whenever he calls on me, he leaves something behind.

Translate the underlined part.

The champagne cork popped out.

I'm leaving on a trip at the beginning of winter.


An error is not worth death.

What do they want you to do?

They had to leave at once to catch the train.

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I need protection.

The rebel concealed his ambition to destroy the regime.

Theo was obviously happy to see Ruth.

John is easily startled.

The floorboards creaked.

I want to have my name taken off the list.

It is impossible to do it.


We must be missing something.


Amos is writing a letter.

Amy will forgive us.

You don't have to worry about Malaclypse at all.


Sanche lived alone in the woods.

She was engaged in some interesting work when I arrived.

Did I leave anything out?


I think you should choose her.

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This building is extremely large.


They are willing to do it for you.


What exactly did you ask him?


Why did Jenine buy a new car?

You too.

Please tell them what they need to do.

Emil isn't calling.

I'd like you to tell me what happened.

Panzer was careful not to be noticed.

Ancient coins were found inside the mysterious tomb.


Which objects are in the room?

Tigger is still parked outside.

He's always trading.


Once you are married, you are done for.


After the exam, I forgot everything.


The conference was drawing to an end.


I have not been able to find a job so far.

Must I stay home today?

Let me just give you this and then leave.

The sky has gradually clouded over.

No deaths were reported.

The TV set worked all night.

Sid's strange.


It's much easier this way.


The police are really good at understanding "Someone stole my credit card and ran up a lot of charges." It's a lot harder to get them to buy into "Someone stole my magic sword."

I'll call you tomorrow morning.

I'll do no such thing.

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His wife and his son were already sound asleep.

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They're ruining their clothing.

"Are the results good?" "Yes, they're excellent."

It takes approximately 4,000 Joules to heat a kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius.


He's far more experienced than me.


Rafael said he ate way too much.

Are you free after school?

I'm going to forgive you.

I want you to talk to Gypsy about that.

Well, you were right.

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Have you ever gone skiing?

He was naughty when he was a boy.

I'm just taking my time.

Jordan has made the same mistake three times so far.

The situation is deteriorating.

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This magazine carries much news of importance.

In my language, the notes of the scale are do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do.

He'll get well soon.


I saw the sights of Kyoto during my vacation.

Pat wasn't here yesterday.

How is it that otherwise reasonable people come to believe that this same roof, that practically vanishing commodity, is freely obtainable just by packing up and going to another country?


Today was still tomorrow yesterday, but today will be yesterday tomorrow.

Aren't you late?

That's a spider bite.

I'm just upset about being in the hospital and I'm on some weird meds, but they must be working, because I'm feeling a lot better now.

Are you Kristi by any chance?

I have one in the car.

Two vanilla ice creams, please.

Our best pictures of the human mind suggest that we don't plop our mental activities into single, ordered boxes.

Jeffrey never recovered.


I'd like to see this film.


Fortunately, the weather was good.

Blaine opened his mouth wide.

I'll most likely be going back to Boston.

Success in school calls for much hard study.

We just have to explain why.

I'm keeping three secrets from you.

All government is founded on compromise and barter.

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Even though Stanislaw eats mostly junk food, he rarely gets sick and his BMI is in the normal range.

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They must be waiting for you.


He went from his house up to the railroad station.


Amos has more friends than Marie.

This is easy.

It is the business of the politician, the "science of politics", to make you believe that the law protects you and your interests, when it merely serves to keep up the system which robs, dupes, and enslaves you in body and mind.


I like reading by daylight.

I couldn't get my car started.

We should be there helping them.


A distance-preserving diffeomorphism between two Riemannian manifolds is called an isometry.


Keep your pants on.


We didn't know which bus we should take.


Whatever others think of me, I don't mind at all.

I know the type.

Evan is suffering from a nervous disorder.

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Do you understand why?

Tear gas filled the room.

How's everything else?

Maybe Ahmet wasn't available.

Give me a little time.

I'm not sure I have enough time to finish this report.

I have no reason to lie to them.

They'll survive.

He is rarely, if ever, late for appointments.

We have to convince Stephan to stay here.

I don't think that's likely to happen.

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Elvis couldn't believe that Stanislaw would really do something that dumb.

The machine's yours now.

This isn't the last train, is it?

I wasn't very fluent in French back then.

Have you known her since 1990?

After all his efforts, he also failed this time.

Charles doesn't like being told to clean his room.

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We often play cards on Sunday.


Isn't Elijah with you?

There comes our teacher.

I've never seen Rick drunk before.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I thought I'd make a little detour.


It is known that Siamese cats are extrovert.

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Bobbie doesn't like to wear a watch.

He got up quickly, splashed cold water on his face, brushed his teeth, and shaved.

Byron refused at first.


Dylan stayed outside.

You've already decided to quit, haven't you?

It's not worth it to work anymore.

We're following a narrow road.

He looks just like a guy I know.

We must not rest on our laurels!

I stood all the way.


I had completely forgotten to do that.

Anyone know where Nikolai's gone off to?

He lives alone in a little cottage in the swamp.

I didn't lose. I just couldn't win.

I wish I had a butler like Erwin.


Jesper was able to play Mozart on the piano when he was three years old.

There is always hope for boys with hearts such as yours, though they may often be very mischievous. This is the reason why I have come so far to look for you.

We'll take our chances.

Shai heard Pratt singing in the shower.

Francisco is in prison for something he didn't do.

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They didn't like Glen.